Emulsions are like lighter versions of lotion. Many women dislike using lotion on their faces because it is too heavy and tends to bring out the oil in their skin or just not absorb all the way. Having a shiny face is generally seen as unattractive, and it certainly makes a person less photogenic, causing more glare in pictures. Using these lighter suspensions, also called serums, instead of heavy moisturizer creams, keeps the skin on the face soft and cool. Nevertheless, you probably have some questions and concerns about these cosmetics, particularly if you have oily skin or signs of aging.


Oily Skin Requires Smart Hydration

Oftentimes, when the facial skin becomes too dry, the pores overproduce protective oils to compensate. Before you know it, your friends are squinting when they look at you, and you find yourself washing your face for the fourth time today. Unfortunately, frequently washing your face will only dry it out faster every time, and the oiliness will soon return. In fact, the best way to prevent a greasy face is by applying a serum with modest moisturizing properties after washing, thus keeping the skin from drying out to the point that it produces so much extra oil.



Finding the Right Balance in Anti-aging Serum

Subtly hydrating the skin also aids in filling in wrinkles and softening the appearance of age spots. An overly rich moisturizer may lead to puffiness and redness as the skin overindulges in ingredients such as petroleum and mineral oil. When there is sagging or heavy creasing, an oil-based cream can become trapped and even show as white lines. Instead, the best serums are commonly water-based and can contain anti-aging ingredients, such as peptides and antioxidants, which encourage collagen renewal. By supporting collagen, which in turn supports your skin, you can prevent further signs of aging from appearing.




Choosing the Right Ingredients

What stands out most about emulsions is that you often need to shake them before use. Classified as suspensions, these serums contain small quantities of oil that are dispersed throughout the water base. This consistency translates into you getting just the right amount of oil and hydration to your skin, but you may require some of these other common ingredients as well:

  • Vitamin C
    Ascorbic acid is another name for this age-defying antioxidant. While not all skin damage can be reversed, this vitamin may be your best bet in achieving and maintaining a youthful glow.
  • Retinol
    This over-the-counter version of what is known medically as retinoids accelerates cell renewal, clearing up acne, uneven skin tone and age spots.
  • Hyaluronic Acid
    A native to the human body, this ingredient plumps the skin by drawing water molecules in, making it especially effective on stubborn wrinkles.An even lighter version of these serums is sometimes referred to as essence, which tends to have minimal ingredients in a thin, watery consistency. Some essences come in spray bottles so you can apply a gentle, moisturizing mist over your face on the go. However, most skin types will benefit from using a full facial serum with specialized ingredients for individual skin profiles.

Why So Many Women Are Turning to Emulsions