Shoulder dislocation is a common injury that might occur from a fall, vehicle collision or contact sport injury. No matter what the reason is for this painful condition, the injured person is unable to move their arm until the humerus bone located in the upper arm is pushed back into the correct position in a shoulder’s joint.


shoulder dislocation


The best thing to do when this situation happens is to seek professional medical attention, but when an injured person is located in a remote area, you need to know what to do immediately to avoid additional discomfort. In many cases, the dislocated bone or joint will begin to squeeze nerves or blood vessels and can lead to complications. The most common way to repair this condition is manually with a reduction method rather than surgically, and with the proper knowledge, anyone can perform this technique.


Reduction Techniques for a Dislocated Shoulder

Here are several techniques to repair shoulder dislocation:


One: Cunningham

The person with a dislocated shoulder sits on a chair while facing the person who is going to reposition the arm bone. As the injured person places their hand from the injured arm on the other person’s shoulder, they should straighten their back and compress their shoulder blades. At the same time, the person helping with this procedure can relax the muscle tension in the injured person’s arm with gentle massage.


Two: Spaso

The injured person should recline on a bed located where another person can rotate the arm slowly to assist the bone to pop back into the correct position.


spaso shoulder dislocation


Three: External Rotation

With this reduction procedure, the injured individual can sit or stand with the injured arm bent at the elbow while the other person rotates the arm until the bone slides into the joint.


Four: Stimson or Prone

This procedure requires the injured individual to recline on a flat surface that is high enough to permit their arm to hang down from one side. A weight of approximately 10 pounds is hung from the injured arm’s wrist to prevent rigid muscles, and the force of gravity pops the humerus bone back into the joint eventually.


Stimson shoulder dislocation


Visit Providence Orthopaedic for Treatment from Medical Experts

ProvidenceWhile any of these techniques is useful in an emergency situation that occurs when it is impossible to reach a hospital or physician for assistance, you should visit Providence Orthopaedic for treatmentas soon as possible. A professional team of physicians can take X-rays to determine if there are additional problems in the arm or shoulder and recommend therapeutic exercises to reduce discomfort. While transporting an individual with a previous shoulder dislocation, use a wrapping device to hold the arm next to the body, and this is also a good technique to use if you are unable to move the dislocated bone back into its proper position manually. Anyone interested in advanced first aid can practise these reduction methods to ensure they understand how to perform these techniques during an emergency.

Understand this Important First Aid Procedure for a Dislocated Shoulder