These days, detoxification and weight loss go hand in hand. For people who want to lose weight the healthy way, starving should never be an option. Instead, it is wiser to go for foods that detoxify the body, speed up metabolism and also, release nutrients in the process. Choosing such foods ensures that the body is getting cleansed as excess weight is being lost. For fast weight loss, there are some top dietary choices that also act as detoxifiers for the body. The following are those top 5 detoxifiers for fast weight loss –

1. Radishes – Similar to other foods that are bitter, radishes are also successfully responsible for increasing bile flow in the body. They have a positive impact on the liver and gallbladder, helping to keep these organs healthy and functioning efficiently. The Japanese swear by radishes and their cleaning plus weight loss properties so much that pickled radishes are served with most Japanese meals. They cleanse a person’s pallet and make digestion of food easy. Half to a quarter cup of sliced radishes should be added to salads or eaten with hummus.






2. Organic Tea – Organic tea is rich in antioxidants and helps to cleanse the body of everything that is harmful for it. However, this tea also has another great advantage. Apart from helping to heal the body, promote healthy and glowing skin and improve digestion, this tea can be excellent for weight loss. By prolonging and increasing the process of thermogenesis in the body, this tea helps to increase the rate of metabolism, thereby helping lose weight quickly. This process is carried out by Catechins that are present in tea. There is no limit to how much tea one can drink during the day since the organic variety is full of nutrients and is only going to benefit the body. Reward yourself with MyLifeInc Organic Tea.


3. Lemons – Lemons are one of the most underestimated foods by dieticians and people wanting to lose weight. Not only are lemons capable of elimination of toxins from the body, they also support a healthy level of digestion, improve skin and come loaded with other benefits and nutrients. The tart taste that is present in a lemon is believed to be responsible for bile promotion in the body. This increased production and flow helps to aid the process of digestion. The peel or skin is responsible for acting as an antioxidant, supporting detoxification in the body. It is recommended that every morning, a glass of warm water with lemon should be consumed.





4. Broccoli – This crucifer family member is often shunned to the sides because it is not as popular as the other members. However, broccoli is one of the healthiest options for detoxifying the body and speeding up the weight loss process. The bad estrogens are eliminated with the help of broccoli and adding it to one’s daily meal helps to lose weight quickly. At least one cup of broccoli should be consumed every day. It can be steamed and eaten with some other healthier foods like carrots, capsicum and a healthy sprinkling of olive oil.




5. Peppermint – Peppermint helps to aid digestion, heals the body and mind, and acts as an antioxidant as well. This little addition to food, teas and drinks can help to achieve a slim figure within a little time. Organic peppermint is even better and can be used as an addition to green tea. It also helps to clear up the skin and promote a healthy complexion.


Peppermint Mocha Smoothie Recipe


Other great foods include seaweed or kelp which improves metabolism, apple cider vinegar which gives great results in a short span of time and cranberry juice that is loaded with vitamin C.


Top 5 Detoxifiers for Fast Weight Loss
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