An Asian skin has some advantages over the Caucasian skin or the light Irish skin. It contains more melanin thus have a tendency to tan and gets less damage from the U.V light from the sun. However, it is mostly an oily skin and Asian ladies get a major challenge of acne. The Southeast Asian skin also gets easily discoloured by the cosmetic products if they are not marching the consumer needs. This unique type of skin needs a special skin care from the products to eradicate the common skin problems by the experts.

Belif skincare products, Hada Labo products, and the Nature Republic Aloe Vera are just a few products that have been on the market to meet the needs of a Southeast Asian woman. Women accessing these products should be well advised on how to use these products and the procedures to follow in a successful attempt to solve skin issues.




Cleanse your skin twice a day using a gentle, moisturizing, gel based cleanser. This type of cleanser does not dry the skin but rather makes it produce more oil. Use a soft cloth so as not to irritate sensitive skin.


Tip 2

Exfoliate the skin at least twice in a week so as to wash away the dirt, oil and dead skin clogged on the pores. An oily Asian skin has large pores, and a scrub with a scratchy ingredient is efficient for exfoliating.

Tip 3

Smear acne treatment on acne-prone areas daily which typically contains benzyl peroxide. If the skin is sensitive to this chemical, reduce the number of times applied to reduce skin peel off.


Tip 4

Asian ladies should shun from picking the acne as the Asian skin suffers scarring more compared to the other types of skins. Pathogens from the hands and scratching on the blemishes protract the curative period of the acne.

Tip 5

Use a moisturizer daily which should be oil free to hydrate the skin and also maintain clean pores so that there will be no need for the sebaceous glands to extract excess oils. The presence of a sunscreen in the moisturizer is also essential to keep the skin protected from sunburns.


Tip 6

Use make up whose ingredients have astringent effects such as the ginger and pomegranate extracts. Silicone in the brands in use is useful as it brings a mattifying result by creating a canvas for oil-free layout.
Whenever visiting the dermatologist, an Asian woman should feel free to point out her origin. The traditional skincare products uniquely customized for the Southeast Asian women should be highly considered as they try to solve the initial acne and other skin care setbacks.