It is becoming more common to see Isotonic on the label of your sports drink and there is a lot of confusion as to what it really means. Many people are afraid that because it has the word tonic in it that its bad for us when actually its good for us. It is just like when we go to the store and buy healthy drinks. We don’t think about it because it’s supposed to be good for us. We should think of isotonic sports drinks the same way they are healthy for us during vigorous exercise. Many athletes use sports drinks before, during, and after a game or a run. This is because they know the ingredients are healthy for them and will help them perform at their best. We buy sports drinks because we know they are good for us during prolonged activity, but do we really know how healthy they are when we buy them. Many of us just buy them because our favorite team sponsors them or because we were told they were good during exercise. Everyone has heard that in your sports drink is things called electrolytes.

What many don’t know is electrolytes only reproduce the salts that are lost during sweat with an activity and they help with getting your muscles the essential fluids they need. If your muscles don’t get that fluid they will start to feel the effects of dehydration, which we all know is not healthy for our bodies. The next thing in a sports drink is the isotonic, which is carbohydrates. Carbohydrates break down into glucose. Your body during long activities uses its glucose as your source of energy. This is where the isotonic comes into play it gives your body a boost of glucose to help give you energy, plus they also help produce the fluids lost during activity.

So therefore isotonic drinks are healthy for you if you are doing prolonged activity and can help prevent you from causing harm to your body. However they would not be very healthy for someone who does not work out, because if you are not losing the sugars in your body there would be no reason to replace them. When your body has too much sugar you become at risk for diabetes. The reason we all work out or exercise in general is to promote a healthy heart, healthy body, and weight loss. We don’t want to injure or dehydrate ourselves while trying to help ourselves. So if you are going to work out buying a sports drink or two would be in your best interest for your health. Learn the next healthcare tips: Types of Tea and Its Many Health Benefits.

Weight loss and isotonic sports drinks are  well explained in this healthcare video!

The Truth Behind Isotonic Drinks
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