Fertility acupuncture is one of the most common treatments for people who want to increase their chances of parenthood. This medical procedure is done to both men and women who are faced with the challenges of conceiving. These treatments have been known to work well and therefore bringing hope for women with infertility by helping them conceive in a considerably shorter time, through either natural means or thorough IVF.

There are several advantages of the IVF acupuncture treatment to the recipient. First of all, it improves production of better quality eggs, and also helps to regulate their hormones so that the body has a better environment for implantation. It also helps to reduce the stress levels of the mother: stress is known to hinder good fertilization and implantation processes by making hormone production irregular.

This medical procedure also improves ovarian function. This means that the person undergoing it is assured of better results. It enhances the blood flow into the uterine area making the growth and thickening of the uterine wall in preparation for implantation better. Having a good blood circulation is very important when it comes to preparation of the body to provide a good environment for the growth of the fetus. It also helps in the transport of nutrients needed for a healthy growth of the fetus.




When a person is undergoing IVF treatments, they are given plenty of medications to take. Having acupuncture may lessen the side effects of these medications by improving their disposal through the kidneys. This will be made possible by the improved blood circulation in the body. Another advantage of such treatment is that it will improve the immune function of the mother, and this will naturally give the fertilized egg better chances of survival and implantation.

If a woman who intends to get pregnant has more sessions of acupuncture, she will be healthy and strong. This will reduce their bouts of morning sickness and nausea that causes problems in the first months of pregnancy. The good blood circulation will ensure that they always feel strong and revitalized, and it will also decrease the amounts of toxins in the body.

This kind of acupuncture can also be done on male recipients who also want to increase their chances at being fathers. They will have better quality sperms, and they will be able to produce good results within no time. This is mainly due to the improved blood circulation in the lower pelvic region where the most vital reproductive organs lay. It is better for a couple to go for this treatment together

The IVF acupuncture centre in Singapore is the giver of hope for women with infertility in the country. They will be able to have better chances of conceiving through IVF if they go through these treatments. These procedures will also decrease their chances of having miscarriages. This is because, it makes them more healthy and strong.

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The IVF Acupuncture Center in Singapore Gives Hope to Women with Infertility
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