With the economy of most countries slowing down or stagnant the past few years Lasik surgery costs have been on a cost plateau. This is largely due to people selecting to remain with less costly vision correction like contact lenses or glasses. A question mark with many individuals is Lasik side effects, as echoed by many individuals who complain of such issues as dryness, haze, “floaters” and regression. However, Lasik is still being performed world-wide with certain changes in the procedure.

Epilasik is a change from the standard Lasik procedure. Although the recovery for Epilasik is longer than the standard Lasik method, it is recommended for some individuals. Advocates believe it to be safer and more effective than standard Lasik. People with thin corneas, or an increased risk of being hit in the eye are better candidates for Epilasik than the standard form of the surgery. This newer technique is available world-wide.

Even with the weaker U.S. dollar the availability of Lasik in Singapore in such places as the Lasik surgery clinic has prompted some individuals to travel in order to cut costs. Lasiksurgery.sg provides a list of such clinics and other useful information in regards to vision corrective surgery. This site mentions the requirements for those who want this surgery, as well as potential benefits and side-effects to the various techniques.

Benefits of Lasik are many. There is very little pain associated with the process, vision is corrected quickly and there are no bandages or stitches required. Over time the cost of Lasik should be considered in regards to the cost of some no longer having to purchase contact lenses or glasses. However, this does not always mean that an individual will never have to wear glasses or contact lenses again. Further eye surgeries may be required with Lasik as the eye may still continue to deteriorate with age. It is important before making such a life altering choice for an individual to weigh all the options and consult experts to discuss the best options for vision correction.

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