All women want to be beautiful. Looking through the pages of a website or fashion magazine, you’ll find thousands of tips and tricks to get you looking and feeling your best. We look to the beauty specialists at Shakura to find out the best beauty tips every woman needs to know.




Sensational Skin Care

Taking care of your skin is essential for a flawless look, so make sure to stick to a basic skin care routine. Never go to bed with dirt, oil, and makeup left on your face. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize with a high-quality product specially formulated for your personal skin type. And never, ever, leave the house without a high-factor SPF applied 30 minutes before walking out the door. You can apply the sunscreen under your makeup for even more protection from the sun’s harmful rays.




Marvelous Makeup

In a perfect world, you would have flawless, airbrushed-quality skin, but, unfortunately, those faces are only found in print. If you feel the need to brighten up your look and smooth out your flaws, make sure to avoid over-doing the look and remember the old say, ‘less is more‘.

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Makeup doesn’t have to be harsh and heavy. By choosing the right colors that are closer to your natural look, backing away from the charcoal eye liner, and going soft on those luscious lips, you can achieve a look that is naturally beautiful and fresh.


Bold Brows

One of the hottest trends around right now is the bold brow. Eyebrows have the ability to make or break your overall look so pay careful attention not to over-pluck or over-fill them. Only pluck stray hairs, keeping the natural shape and fullness in tact. Use a brow pencil that is one shade lighter than your natural color to fill in any thinning areas. Make sure to follow the natural line and shape of the brow. This method will ensure more naturally beautiful eyebrows that are surely ‘on fleek’.




Terrific Tresses

There’s nothing more beautiful than a fabulous head of hair. Whether short and flirty or long and luscious, your tresses are an important part of your overall look that should be maintained accordingly. Make sure to get regular trims to keep dead and split ends at bay. Perform weekly or bi-weekly conditioning treatments according to your hair’s requirements. In addition, make sure to keep on top of current styles in order to retain a fresh, modern look.



Nice-Looking Nails

Having a manicure is a fabulous way to pamper yourself before a big event, but maintaining your nails is a must, even when you don’t have a big day coming up. Beautiful, whimsical, manicures are all the rage right now in the fashion industry, with various designs and patterns being seen in all shapes and colors. Sparkly nails with pictures and embellishments are very trendy, so go online and look for something new that will challenge your manicurist and keep you right on trend.

Without a doubt, all women strive to be beautiful. It’s an obsession for some that may take over and become a burdensome task. However, with a few simple tips you, too, can be beautiful, while spending less time wondering how, and more time getting out and showing off the most fabulously, gorgeous you. Find Shakura beauty centres in KL in order to learn about the latest in Japanese beauty treatments and regimens.


Shakura – 5 Go-To Beauty Tips Everyone Woman Needs to Know