The popularity of Lasik surgery has not appeared to have dwindled over time. In fact, there are actually more clinics springing up all over the world. Websites such as are designed to provide people with information about this procedure. For those people who are not familiar with what Lasik surgery is, it is a procedure performed using laser beams to correct people’s vision. It is most commonly used to correct near and far sightedness, but can be used to correct some other visual impairments. Before anyone can have the procedure they need to be examined by the eye doctor to determine if they are a good candidate.

As with all surgical procedures, there are some Lasik side effects people need to be ware of before undergoing the procedure. Some side effects are not as harmful as others. Many people who undergo this procedure experience problems with dry eyes. If the surgery involves removing a portion of the cornea, it can result in a wrinkle or a dislodging of the cornea flap after it is replaced. The procedure performed through Epilasik does not cut the cornea so there is no risk involved with a cornea flap.

Professionals working at a Lasik surgery clinic will always inform patients as to the risks involved with the procedure. The objective is to correct the person’s vision without causing any further damage. In some instances the correction process can under or over correct which will leave the person with a degree of vision impairment. Most cases of over correction adjust on their own within a few months after the procedure. Under correction might require an additional treatment to improve vision. Another side effect which can occur is the formation of an astigmatism causing the vision to be blurred.

People interested in having laser eye surgery to correct their vision might be wondering about the Lasik surgery cost. As a general rule, the procedure will cost anywhere from $1500 to $3000 dollars an eye. Some factors that can affect the total cost include where the clinic is located and the type of procedure used by the doctor. Some of the mall based clinics charge less than clinics found as traditional medical facilities. Some clinics run special offers throughout the year as an incentive to obtain new clients. Since most insurance companies consider Lasik as an elective surgery it is not covered, so most clinics offer affordable payment plans.

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LASIK Surgery and its Risks

Risks and Costs Associated with Lasik Surgery
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