The corneal flap risks are very unusual when the surgery are conducted by an experienced surgeon. However, if the flap shifts slightly, wrinkles / striae may result which is known as one of the lasik side effects. When these wrinkles occurred at the center of the cornea, they require smoothing out to sharpen the vision. In such case, the original flap has to be lifted out to iron with a special instrument.

It is always recommended to meet the doctor early when the patient face the problem. Delay may result in permanent problem in vision. The wrinkles tend to occur at the time of surgery. The reasons may be small, short, thin, buttonholed or irregular flap. Sometimes, the flap may be created without any hinge, though it is unusual. After the operation, the flap may also shift slightly. So, it is very important and always recommended not to rub the eye or squeeze the eyelids excessively within first few hours of operation.

 Thanks to the advanced technology has steadily progressed and we are now benefitting from the speed and accuracy of 60kHz lasers, which can create a corneal flap in approximately 30 seconds.

Reasons of Corneal Flap Risks During and After LASIK
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