Lately, as I go through the newspaper, I would see an article about dengue cases without fail. Day by day, people are either losing their lives to the blood suckers or their health is deteriorating only because of mosquitos that are in our living environment that gives us this illness that can be deathly for us.

For that, I have been worried sick for the health of my wife and my two daughters. They never know but they could have been exposed to dengue outside in school or work or maybe even at home. So, that’s why we all have to be aware and be careful of our environment, as well as being clean so that we can prevent the breeding of mosquitos.

First up, as we have empty pails and buckets kept at the back of our house, we should always remember to keep it upside down. That way, they won’t be able to collect any excess water that can be the home of the breeding. We could do the same thing to flower pots and not over water the potted plants. If there are any stagnant water around, they could be the breeding area for the mosquitos.

Adding on, when you are going out, or taking your kids out for a stroll on the park, always remember to put on mosquito repellent. It may not be the most effective way to prevent dengue, but it does help in a way. I would always make sure that my wife, Marsha applies mosquito repellent on herself as well as on Tanya and Charissa whenever they are going out for a stroll or shopping.

Other than that, you could fix up a mosquito net around your bed, so no mosquito could come sucking your blood at night when you are sleeping. You could also plant some tulsi, otherwise known as basil leaves, at your window, which is known one natural method to prevent mosquitos from breeding.

The main way to prevent dengue is to be clean and hygienic towards yourself and the environment. That way, you can save a lot of lives, including yourself from going through the painful journey of the illness. I make sure that the environment my family and I live in is clean. That way, we can prevent dengue, so maybe others can start doing it too to prevent the blood suckers from attacking.

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Preventing the Blood Sucker