People are unique so their personal experiences with Lasik or Epilasik cannot be the same. They are saying that Epi Lasik is less invasive, has lesser pain or no pain at all, and has better result as compared to Lasik. That Epilasik patient can return to normal activities after 2 days while Lasik patients are fit to work the next day. The eye surgeon with experiences and expertise is the only authorized person who can confirm, explain and discuss options. The patient can have personal experiences entirely unique depending on several factors and practices.

It is vital for a patient to understand surgical procedures, risks, treatment and healing process. This way he or she can choose which procedure is more appropriate for his or her lifestyle. The internet has all the necessary information about refractive procedure such as Lasik surgery, Lasik side effects, Lasik eye surgery cost and Lasik surgery clinic. Patient who has a plan to have refractive surgery must do research before seeing a doctor.

Upon seeing an eye surgeon, the patient can have the pre-operative eye check-up and tests. Family, friends or co-workers’ reference can be influential and helpful. Knowing that they had their refractive surgery from the same clinic can alleviate all apprehensions. A friend can easily talk about the details of the surgery, the staff’s behavior, the clinic’s facilities or share personal feelings while at the operation table.

At the preparation table, patient’s eyes are cleaned and eye drops are poured on each eye. The surgery procedure commences when the area around the eye turned numb. Next step, an eye is opened wide with eyelashes being taped and eyelids held apart. Then the eye is placed under the laser. Before the gadgets are inserted, the surgeon has to explain what the blade is doing so to reduce the patient’s anxieties. The patient knows what to expect especially when a brief loss of vision occurs so he or she won’t panic.

As the keratome or blade moves across the cornea to flip the epithelium, there can be a loss of vision so patient needs to keep the eyeball still. When the laser is on, the vision comes back. The patient must hold still and focus at the red light. Twenty-five minutes after the operation, patient can see and read better than before.

During and after operation, the eyes can’t feel pain only burning sensations. Having dry eyes is one of the side effects and Eye drops are applied every 2 hours. Patient is advised to stay indoors for the eyes can be very sensitive to dust and sunlight. A follow-up with the doctor on the condition of the eyes and contact lens can be removed on the 5th day. Pin prick can be experienced when looking at bright lights. Watching TV or working on the computer can strain the eyes and makes it difficult for fast recovery.

Two weeks after, the eyes are back to normal 20/20 vision however, patient can experience double vision. This condition is normal as the eye cure itself and can be experienced in the first weeks post procedure. There can be weeks of limited activity however with lots of patience improvement can be achieved. Refractive surgery is a personal choice. Epilasik or Lasik is worth a try if lifestyle needs improvement. Did you know the Preparing for Lasik Surgery Day? Click here to investigate!

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Personal Experiences With Lasik or Epilasik
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