One of the procedures used to correct eye defects is Lasik surgery. This surgical operation can be conducted at any eye clinic in Singapore and basically entails using lasers to rectify shortsightedness, long sightedness and astigmatism. It involves reshaping the cornea so that the visual acuity of the patient can be enhanced. The operation has gained wide acceptance because it is a permanent and viable alternative to wearing glasses and having contact lenses. Once the procedure has been conducted, patients are advised to observe certain guidelines to enhance quick recovery.

Recovery Guidelines
1) Take all the Prescriptions 

Like any other medical procedure, patients who undergo Lasik surgery are often instructed about the drugs that they ought to take. Most ophthalmologists usually recommend eye drops and painkillers. Eye drops in particular are vital in reducing any internal soreness, which commonly happens during the first few weeks after the surgery. When applied as recommended, they enhance the healing process. Painkillers on the other hand are prescribed basically for reducing any discomfort that might occur.
2) Avoid Driving Immediately 

Driving is a strenuous activity. Patients are not advised to engage in it during the first few weeks after the surgery. This gives the eyes ample time to heal without injuring them. Driving at night in particular is generally discouraged because it greatly strains the eyes.

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3) Reduce the Risk of Infection 

Those who have been operated on are also advised not to swim or use bathtubs within the first week of the procedure. This is because the water might have germs, which can bring further complications thus elongating the recovery period. Besides this, it is imperative that they try as much as possible to avoid exposing the eyes to dust, wind or smoke because these are irritants and might also bring about an infection.
4) Avoid Bending and Persistent Work 

Whenever one bends, a lot of pressure is applied to the eyes. This is also the case when one tries to engage in physically demanding activities. Such pressure is not good for an eye that has recently been operated on because it might still be tender. Such may cause blood capillaries to rupture, thus compounding the problem further.
5) Avoid Rubbing the Recuperating Eye 

Ophthalmologists highly discourage this action whether the eye has undergone Lasik surgery or not. Rubbing eyes has been proven to be the major cause of eye infections. Those who are recovering from the operation need to totally avoid touching the operated area, or else risk an infection.


Lasik Surgery Recovery Tips and Advice