Lasers have been used since the 1990s to serve as a form of hair removal. The secret is that the pigment in hair absorbs certain wavelengths of light faster than normal skin tissue. As a result, it is possible to kill hair follicles without damaging the skin. This technology has the power to get rid of whiskers that are in places where you do not want them to be.

Laser Hair Removal : Laser Hair Removal Demonstration

Having hair follicles removed permanently requires a visit to an aesthetic doctor. It takes more time than shaving, but the results last. It might take years for the hair to grow back, and it will not be the same follicles. The hair you remove is dead and gone.

Shaving is only a temporary solution, and it has disadvantages of its own. Shaves hairs become irritated and often grow back thicker than before. While it is the habit of the body to protect and strengthen stressed parts of the skin organ, this result might not be preferred by the person intentionally seeking a cosmetic effect.

While it is not always possible to change biology, it is possible for a doctor to surgically remove its flaws. Using a laser or electric pulse to deaden a hair is usually painless. It is also perfectly sanitary, while the repeated use of a razor can risk infection on a scratch. The real advantage of visiting an aesthetics clinic is that they have many answers, not just one.

There are plenty of products on the market, bot to remove hair and to make it grow. The skin is a complex organ but is also capable of mistakes that are not attractive to the people who must live in their bodies. Medicine has answers, and a good doctor can recommend the treatment that is safest and most practical to the individual.

Laser hair removal is very much a developing form of medicine. It was originally only effective on dark hair against light skin. This is because the different pigment could be use to accurately kill follicle cells. Never developments are precise enough to kill hair on less ideal patients. One of the toughest jobs is dark hair on dark skin, but there are lasers that can do it. Talk to your dermatologist about the challenges and the many creative ways to overcome them.

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Laser Hair Removal and Other Types of Hair Removal Treatments
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