Millions of people suffer from knee joint pain. The causes of this pain vary from arthritis to an injury. Knee pain is the major cause of physical disability in Americans aged 65 and older. The good news is that this type of joint pain can in some instances be avoided or relieved.

  • Strengthen the Rear
    By strengthening the muscles in the derriere, one can help relieve pain in the knee. If the rear muscles are weak, the pelvis will drop and the upper thigh will move inward. This shift creates stress on the knee and ankle, and can also induce hip pain. Simple toning exercises can help strengthen these muscles.
  • Tighten Your Tummy
    If the stomach muscles are weak, the pelvis will tilt forward, thereby causing possible stress and pain on the knees. This process is similar to how a weak rear end can cause knee pain. Therefore, by strengthening the stomach muscles with exercise, it may be possible to decrease the stress on the knees and reduce pain.
  • Injury Treatment
    If the pain is caused by a knee injury, one should rest the knee, ice it, compress it with a bandage, and elevate it. After the swelling has gone down, heat can be applied to reduce stiffness and aches.
  • Lose Weight
    Being overweight puts extra stress on the legs, including the knees. It is estimated that overweight women and men are respectively four and five times more likely to suffer from osteoarthritis. Losing weight dramatically decreases the chances from suffering from this painful degenerative disease and can have a quick impact on decreasing pain.
  • Medication
    Types of medication to manage knee joint pain vary widely. For some, over-the-counter remedies such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen can manage moderate discomfort from knee pain. For more intense pain, prescription drugs containing narcotics can be described by an orthopaedic surgeon. Another possibility is a cortisone injection into the knee to reduce painful inflammation. The relief from an injection can sometimes last for weeks.
  • Knee Replacement
    Knee replacement is a last resort to resolving knee joint pain. In most instances, the pain has become unmanageable by more conservative treatment methods. In this process, the entire knee joint is surgically replaced.

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Knee Pain: Causes and Relief
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