Nothing is better in rehydrating your body after a grueling exercise than isotonic drinks. I learned this from my gym instructor who advised me to switch from drinking water to drinking isotonic drinks whenever I work out. He said these drinks hydrate my body better than water.

My gym instructor told me that sports drinks that contain isotonic are better in rehydrating the body after exercising because it contains electrolytes that help the body absorb the liquid it has lost faster.

An isotonic drink is specially designed to replenish the lost fluid after exercising. The electrolytes that help the body hydrate are important because it keeps the body from experiencing fatigue after exercising.

Drinking isotonic drinks after exercising also helps the body reduce the risk of water intoxication, which can cause to death. Water intoxication happens when a large amount of water is consumed because it can lead to electrolytes imbalance, which in turn can cause death.

Isotonic drinks provide just the right amount of electrolytes that are normally found in the body. There are however some isotonic drinks that have low electrolytes content and this can also cause the body to need more and can in turn cause intoxication.

Isotonic Drinks Prevent Intoxication