Make homemade makeup with a few simple ingredients you probably already have lying around your kitchen.





1. Homemade Foundation


Make your own homemade foundation with all-natural ingredients. Simply mix two tablespoons of zinc oxide (for a matte finish) or arrowroot powder with one teaspoon of gold mica dust and one teaspoon of natural clay powder or white cosmetic clay, a teaspoon of ground cocoa powder and a teaspoon of translucent mica powder.

Arrowroot Powder
Gold Mica Dust


Natural Clay Powder


Combine all these ingredients together and add more or less pigment with the cocoa powder, mica powder and natural clay, depending on the colour you wish to achieve.

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Cocoa Powder


This foundation should be kept in an air-tight container when not in use. Simply apply the foundation to your face, and you have a chemical-free makeup that is all natural. This makeup is so natural, you could even eat it (though it’s not recommended).


2. Homemade Eye Makeup


You can look like a fashion plate without spending a lot of money on expensive makeup and beauty products. To get eyes that even Cleopatra would covet, use a combination of spirulina, arrowroot (you can use any leftover from your foundation) and cocoa powder.



Spirulina will give your eye makeup a green colour, arrowroot will give it a taupe or natural colour and the cocoa powder will give you a dark brown colour.


Activated Charcoal


For homemade makeup recipes for eyeliner, mix a small amount of coconut powder in an airtight container with a dab coconut oil. Mix and keep adding cocoa powder and coconut oil until you have achieved the right hue. You can also mix activated charcoal and shea butter together for a more dramatic effect.

Be careful about applying any powders, gels or dyes to the area around your eye. Find out if you are allergic to any of these ingredients before applying them to the eye area.


3. Homemade Blush



To make your cheekbones pop, try this homemade makeup recipe. Mix two tablespoons of arrowroot with a teaspoon of ground coco powder. At this point, you’ve simply made a nice bronzer you can sweep across your face to give it a sun-kissed look in the wintertime.


Dried Beet Root Powder


To make blush, simply add small amounts of powdered dried beet root and dried hibiscus flower to create a lovely pink hue.


4. Homemade Mascara



Applying harsh chemicals in the form of mascara to your eyes can feel a little off-putting. Make your own mascara with this simple recipe.




Mix two or three drops of aloe vera gel with one or two drops of Vitamin E oil in a used (but clean) eye shadow case. Sprinkle in a pinch of activated charcoal. Mix with a toothpick or butter knife. You can even use an old mascara wand from one of your store-bought brands that you’ve cleaned with a gentle makeup remover or face wash to apply your homemade mascara. Some people even use a clean toothbrush to apply their homemade mascara.


5. Homemade Makeup Remover



Remove all the natural makeup you’ve made from homemade makeup recipes with a homemade makeup remover. Store-bought makeup removers can have harsh chemicals and dyes in them, so using a homemade version is healthier and more natural. Simply mix ¼ cup of witch hazel and ¼ cup of coconut oil together. Dab a cotton swab in the mixture and swab it across your eyes.


Castile Soap


Or, try a mixture of one cup water, ¼ teaspoon castile soap and one teaspoon of olive oil. Use the same technique to remove your eye makeup. Be careful with any products you apply to your eyes. Try a test patch on your arm before applying your homemade makeup remover directly the eye area.


How to Make Your Own All-Natural Makeup!