There are some risks of LASIK procedure. These risks may be the result of improper surgery and carelessness of the patient. Flap complication is a risk which is the result of incorrect cut of the flap. With the use of IntraLase laser, this complication can be reduced to a great extent. Sometimes, particles may be trapped under the flap which causes inflammation or scarring. Only an experienced surgeon can reduce this risk.

The IntraLase laser creates a flap in the cornea.

Dry eye is a very common problem of LASIK and it can be minimized by pre- and post-operative care. Patients need to follow the directives of doctor to overcome this problem; otherwise the vision can be compromised. A large pupil of a patient may create glare and halos problems at night. These problems can be better treated by using the latest Wavefront measurement system.

Wavefront Measurement System use to treat the eye glare and halos issue.

Only an experienced and highly qualified surgeon can reduce the overcorrection and undercorrection problem of LASIK. As the lasik surgery singapore use the latest technologies and their surgeons are very expert, all these problems are absent or very rare after a LASIK surgery in Singapore.

Watch the Epilasik surgery in 3D for a better understanding of the procedure.

How the Risks of LASIK Are Minimized?
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