Athlete’s foot is not just an infection related to just athletes. It is an irritating fungal infection that can strike anyone, and it should be treated systematically to keep it from spreading and infecting entire sports teams, households or school classes. Below are some of the best ways to treat Athlete’s foot.

The very best treatment for athlete’s foot is preventing it from establishing itself to begin with. At the first sign of potential trouble, the person infected should be diligent about washing and drying his or her feet with separate towels and soap than others use. The person should never walk around the house, sports halls and gyms barefoot.

It is possible to try treating the athlete’s foot by choosing two forms of drugs from your local pharmacy and applying it to the affected areas of the feet. The two different drugs should not be mixed together and used at the same time because it might cause side effects. The first product is used for a week, and if it is successful the second product will not be needed. If the athlete’s foot persists, the second topical drug is tried to develop a new line of attack.

Most over the counter treatments come in creams or ointments which are convenient and cheap. The gel tends to have a better chance of resisting any type of moisture. Moisture actually nourishes the spores that carry the infection.


What is Athlete’s Foot?

Oftentimes, when using gels and ointments, the person may need to use powder to prevent moisture from building up so that the infection cannot thrive. Putting the powder inside of shoes, socks and bedroom slippers will help keep the feet dry. Most ointment and gel makers supply powders with the same ingredients.

The person with athlete’s foot must be persistent with treatment methods. Normally, the symptoms will go away within four to six weeks. If not, the person should continue treatments another month. When the feet appear free of athlete’s foot, the spores can still be lingering around to re-infect the person. Consequently, the powder should be used continuously until it runs out.

Usually athlete’s foot can be treated without a doctor. In severe cases, it might be necessary to visit a sports clinic or a Providence Orthopaedic Singapore sports clinic for stronger treatments (Must know The Different Types of Bone Specialists).



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