As people age, it’s common for them to see their skin loosen. Surgery is not the answer. Instead, it’s possible to tighten skin just by spending a few minutes a day massaging the skin. This is all about stimulating the right muscles. With just a touch of the finger tips, a person can basically give themselves a facial yoga workout. A thinner and more youthful face is possible with the following massage techniques.



Be Gentle instead of Forceful to Nurture Skin

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to be too forceful when they massage the face or skin. It is important to be gentle since this is all about stimulating muscles. Too much force can leave bruises and leave the skin looking damaged. Using a mirror helps people keep track of their motions.


Invest in the Right Massage Oil to Lessen Friction

Professionals use massage oil for a few reasons. Firstly, this product nourishes the skin by offering valuable nutrients and vitamins. Secondly, the oil reduces friction so that the skin is smoothed and nurtured. Massaging without oil can harm the skin.

Massage Oil


Routine Is Everything

The only way to make massage work is to make it a part of the everyday routine. This means waking up and maybe taking a few minutes to massage the puffy eyes. When skin looks puffy or pale, it means there isn’t enough circulation. Thus, spending a few moments, to gently massage the face helps get the blood flowing. This also reduces toxins and makes the skin look radiant and youthful.


Start with a Blank Slate

It is important to wash, moisturize, and clear the skin before massaging. A blank slate ensures dirt and debris are removed and that pores are open for this relaxing massage. Smart people will cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and then moisturize the skin with oils and lotions. Proper skin care goes a long way for anyone who wants to tighten their skin. After all, this is as much about health and nurturing the muscles as it is about reversing the signs of aging.


Quick and Efficient Massages Are Best

A successful facial massage lasts between ten and fifteen minutes. Anything too long can stretch the muscles. It’s best to start with the forehead and nose to reduce any horizontal wrinkles, spots, or lines. This also unclogs pores. Next, one should gently rub the mouth and cheeks. Massaging the eye area reduces bags and wrinkles. Targeting the neck and chin prevents sagging. All movements should be in an upward motion.

Learn more on skin tightening here. People who use the above massage techniques will naturally reverse the signs of aging, lose weight, and look and feel their best. People just need to invest in a little oil, proper skin care, and take the time to make facial massages a regular part of their routine. All it takes is a few minutes a day to achieve tighter and more youthful skin. Get rid of that double chin with a flick of your fingers!

From Flabby to Tight: All-Natural Massage Techniques
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