When it comes to skin and beauty, there are a few things that everybody agrees on. First, you have to take care of your skin to keep it beautiful, radiant, and well prepared for any cosmetics that you plan to put on it.

Healthy skin starts with great products. You can find many of these fairly easily. Local best buy cosmetics are a wonderful addition to any health conscious individual’s skin care and beauty pack. You don’t want to just put makeup on or wash your face, you want to enhance your skin and your natural beauty the safest and most effective way possible.

All cosmetic brands are not created equal. You will have to choose not only what is right for you, but also the most highly regarded as well. No-one wants to pay for the wrong brands or those that make promises that they can’t keep. Dr Jart has an impressive lineup of skin care products that can be found at nearly every beauty store around, and since they are all dermatological tested, approved and manufactured, you can rest assured that these will be some of the best buys you will make.

Korres is a brand of skin care that uses all natural ingredients to provide a safe and effective experience. Sometimes a little more difficult to find, due in part to the fact that it is manufactured in Greece, Korres has some of the most diverse lines you will find; from lip butter, to anti-aging cream. Definitely worth checking out if you prefer something more on the natural side, especially if you have sensitive or difficult skin types.

Mario Badescu products have been featured on some very prominent shows, and is held in a high regard when it comes to skin care. The drying lotion alone is notoriously loved, specifically in the area of dealing with pesky and difficult white heads, but that isn’t all that they offer.

Choosing your style is a big part of the process as well. Keep in mind however that there are different types of makeup, and they will all affect you and your skin differently. Sleek Makeup offers products for all forms of skin types to give you a clear and natural look, along with a healthy glow. You can top it off with some Deborah Lippmann nail care and polish to continue the effect on more than just your face.

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