For most people they notice a change in vision and head to the eye doctor. An eye doctor can quickly identify a cataract. Cataracts are a piece of skin that grows over the eye and causes deterioration in vision. This opaque film will eventually cause a total loss of vision if not removed in a timely fashion.

The only effective way to remove cataracts is by surgical procedures. Cataract operations are not as invasive as they used to be and are relatively safe. Using a laser, the crystalline lens is removed and a lens implant is put in its place. This implant will allow the person suffering with cataracts to be able to see clearly, as soon as the next day.

Cataract operations are not the grueling process they once were. This surgical procedure must be performed by an ophthalmologist. The patient usually feels no pain as the doctor removed the damaged natural lens. There are rarely any complications with this type of operation and it is more than 90 percent successful at restoring vision to patients. The post-op recovery time is very short and most people can return home the same day. What once was a major surgery, because it involved the eye, thanks to technology has become a simplified process.

Many people are concerned about the cataract surgery cost. The cost is directly associated with how severe the cataracts are and if both eyes need done. Oftentimes, an ophthalmologist will look at both eyes to see if there are additional growths forming. Even though this is the only way to effectively treat cataracts, it is still considered to be an elective surgical procedure. While this is an elective procedure, most insurance companies will cover the cost. The average cost is around $3,500 per eye. Some factors that may affect price are:

• The Location Where The Cataract Surgery Will Happen
• The Severity Of The Cataract
• The Surgical Intervention That Is Needed
• The Type Of Replacement Lens Used

Those who required corrective lenses before the surgery may be interested in upgrading the lens type. To fully correct the vision and have a premier lens implanted, it will cost around an additional $2,000 per eye. Most insurance companies will not pay for the extra costs and it will be considered out of pocket for the patient. However, most feel it is well worth the extra costs to not have to mess with glasses anymore.

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Cataract Surgery
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