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Are you looking for Botox in Singapore? Are you looking in especially for chin fillers? Well, read on to find out successful ways to apply these products, if you are a professional. There are some tips we can tell you about that will help you achieve successful outcomes in these areas, using Botox.

benefits-dermal-fillersFirst, before you apply the filler, you’ll want to clean the area around it with antiseptic. This is crucial to making sure you perform a good operation. You can also numb the area by using ice, EMLA cream, nerve blocks in the area, massage techniques to distract, or by talking in a soothing way. These all work.
There are a number of ways to perform the injection. You can use a threading technique, a serial puncture, fanning, cross-hatching, depot, fern, or cone procedures. Be sure you place the filler in the right place, and know that the depot, fern, and cone procedures are only used on occasion, but not very often.
After injection, be sure you advise your patient to stay away from extreme temperatures for up to 48 hours, if possible. Also, do not rub the area for up to 6 hours, if not longer. And also be sure to tell the patients to sleep with their heads up for a couple of nights.
It’s especially important to choose the proper filler first, and where you need to, you can use a mixture of fillers, more than one. If you’re using botulinum toxin, be sure that you use it first, and then wait a week to inject the filler, after the results have been observed.

There are a variety of fillers on the market, so choose carefully. If the patient is calm, and if you use the right filler, making sure to carefully inject the filler and using botulinum toxin where needed, then you should be able to satisfy your patient while being proud of your work.


Botox Fillers Tips/Guide/Advice