A bone doctor is also known as an orthopedic doctor or orthopedic surgeon if they specialize in surgery. The doctor’s focus is on the musculoskeletal system. They treat joint problems, broken bones, arthritis and degenerative conditions. They treat other conditions such as tumors, congenital conditions, infections and sports injuries.

Some bone doctors specialize in treating sports injuries and are usually found working at a sports clinic. Other orthopedic doctors may choose to work in larger networks and hospitals treating patients with a variety of cases involving all areas of orthopedics such as hip replacement or spinal surgery. Some orthopedic doctors specializing in sports medicine will sometimes work exclusively with a sports team.

Because of the branch of medicine the doctor has chosen, the education and training is quite extensive. To become a bone doctor, the education and training is usually around 13 years. Eight of those years are both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Another five years of residency follows the eight years of schooling. During this period, the orthopedic doctor may choose to specialize in sports medicine, musculoskeletal oncology, joint replacement or hand and wrist specialists, just to name a few of the many branches of orthopedics.

Working in a sports clinic often involves dealing with common procedures like tendon repairs, arthroscopic surgery and ligament reconstructions. Most treatments deal with knee joints because most physical activities use the knees the most.

Other treatments the doctor provides is treating an injury first, whether it is invasive or non-invasive procedures, and then overseeing the healing process. They will continue to monitor the sports injury during the patient’s normal sports activity. They will sometimes recommend medications to help with how an athlete performs, while reducing the risk of injury again. They maintain a role that covers everything from medications, diet, nutritional supplements and exercises to support healthy joints while the athlete continues in their sport.

For athletes who play in professional teams such as football, basketball, baseball and even race car drivers rely on orthopedic doctors to keep them in top form while participating in their activities. Some injuries can make or break an athlete if they are not properly treated from the beginning to the end of physical therapy. The income level athletes receive in their sports activities makes it critical that only the very best orthopedic doctors work in this high level of athletic performances that are seen today. You may find out more info at This Website.

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Bone Doctors Specializing in Sports Medicine
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