The Prive Clinic in Singapore has the reputation and high quality results you want when looking for many medical aesthetic procedures. The esteemed clinic offers a variety of therapies and treatments; some of the most popular and highly regarded are hair removal, dermal fillers and skin whitening.

The key to permanent hair removal is to the target the root. Using light/laser and radiofrequency the professionals at Prive Clinic will successfully destroy the hair follicle. The result is permanent removal of future hair growth at the site. Optimal results may take more than one treatment, your professional at consultation will inform you if more than one treatment is needed in your specific case.

If you are looking to regain the youthful fullness in your face, and soften creases and wrinkles, dermal fillers may be the solution for you. Common fillers are name branded, Radiesse, Restylane, Sculptra, and Juvaderm. These treatments are not permanent and you must repeat to maintain the results you like. The procedure of having fillers injected is often called a “liquid facelift” because you see many of the same results of the traditional surgery without the downtime.

Skin whitening refers to the practice of using medical chemicals in order to lighten or even out skin complexion. The clinic offers a few different options when it comes to this procedure, Ultralightening, Laser White, Depigmentation and Diamond Diva. However the method the idea is to lessen the concentration of melanin in your skin. The professionals will know which process is best for you and your skin pigmentation following consultation.

The well-respected Prive Clinic will meet with you and listen to your concerns and wishes and help you make the most educated decision regarding your aesthetic treatments. Hair removal, dermal fillers and skin whitening procedures are always being improved and technology is growing rapidly; you can be assured that this clinic is trained with the very latest tools and knowledge.

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