A cataract or cataracts in the plural sense are an ocular disease caused by a number of factors, which results in the gradual loss of visual acuity due to a clouding of the crystalline lens of the eye or its lens capsule. Usually thought of as occurring mostly in elderly individuals, cataracts now are occurring in younger people and even infants, although the causes may vary from disease to viral infections.

In the past, a cataract usually resulted in the gradual blindness of an individual, and was incurable. Now with the advent of modern technology, it has been made possible to actually cure cataracts, with the use of cataract surgery. Overtime the methods of cataract operation have been greatly refined so that non-invasive surgery is possible and effective way to entirely halt the progress of cataracts.

The most common method of cataract treatment done now a day is the laser cataract surgery, which employs the use of a specific laser wavelength to break down the cataractous lenses, which are then replaced with plastic ones that are implanted in their place. Another method of non-invasive cataract operation is simply to break down the cloudy damaged areas, which in some cases will heal on its own given enough the time.

The latter method is usually touted as the fastest, although a lens implant may be required eventually. Because of varying processes, cataract surgery cost may vary from a few hundred to as much as a thousand dollars. There are other methods of cataract treatment though, that does not require cataract surgery but instead employ the use of drugs to halt, or even reverse the development of cataracts.

These methods cost less than surgical procedures, and even less than a lens implant. Prior to opting for any form of cataract operation, one should always consult with a medical specialist as to the proper method of treatment, as not all cataracts can lead to blindness. There are varying degrees of severity of cataracts that must be considered as well, curtailing a variety of different treatments, depending on the type of cataract and its progression. An eye specialist will no doubt be able to lead you down the road of the cataract treatment option that will be right for you.

A Basic Overview on Cataracts and Its Treatment
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    Clouded vision caused by cataracts can make it more difficult to read, drive a car (especially at night) or see the expression on a friend’s face.


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