It is a vicious cycle that most of us have been held captive by at some point in our lives: diet, exercise, cheat, give up, repeat. I found that just as I would get to the point of making lasting, healthy changes to my lifestyle, I would find some way to unintentionally sabotage it. Stress would overwhelm me at work and I would decide to skip exercising. If I cheated on my food plan early in the day, I would decide to cheat for the entire day and promise myself “I’ll do better tomorrow”. Eventually I would be back into the rhythm of old habits and right back to feeling miserable. Once my sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits made my self loathing intolerable, I would start the process all over again.


Fortunately for me, I am no longer feeling miserable. In fact, my new active lifestyle has made me look and feel like a brand new person. My on-going journey to personal fitness was made possible by remembering to incorporate these 3 things into my new life.


#1: Remain Positive

This one was something that I had never considered, and now seems so obvious. When beginning to transform your body, your mind tends to focus only on the things that you want to change about yourself. You look in the mirror and see the stomach fat, the cellulite, the back rolls. Perhaps outside influences are harshly judging and critiquing your body. You imagine the version of you that looks the way you want and feels the way you want and become disgusted by the reality of your current situation.

It is important to be aware of the things you aim to improve. It is also essential that you remind yourself of all the things you love about yourself. Lifestyle changes and weight loss are processes that take varying amounts of time. During the lows of this journey and during times of frustration it will be extremely important to concentrate on things that are positive in order to remained focused on your body transformation goals. Find this balance has been crucial in my continuing journey to improve my body. Remember that when your mind’s only focus is improvement, your eyes will only see flaws. Allow yourself to feel good while remaining excited about the changes to come.


#2: Be Patient

There are hundreds of variables that can change the amount of time it takes for a person to transform their body. Physical factors such as genetics, whether or not a person smokes, and the number of injuries a person’s body has sustained affect their metabolism. The amount of time you have to dedicate to physical activity and the amount of fat you aim to lose also help determine how long it will take you to reach your goal. Just remember that it’s not a race. Your journey won’t be the same as the next person’s. So allow your body time to adjust and stay focused.




#3: Ask for Help

Whether it’s through a friend, an online community, a gym class or a physical fitness social group, your journey will be much easier with the support of like-minded people who are supportive of your efforts to live a healthier life.


Along with friends, the professional help of a trainer or instructor can also be extremely beneficial to reaching your goals. Their guidance and suggestions will allow you to work out in a way that will not over stress or injure your body while achieving the maximum results.



Consulting a physician as you continue your journey is important. Not only can a medical professional update you on your progress, they can also give you advice on things such as weight loss surgeries and non-invasive procedures such as laser lipo shape treatments that can assist you cosmetically when the weight has been dropped.

You owe it to yourself to try one more time. We all make mistakes on the path to healthy living but the important things are loving yourself and never giving up.

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