Eczema is a debilitating atopic disease. Also known as atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema this particular skin disorder has affected people from all age groups all over the world. Statistics suggest that children are the main victims of atopic eczema but adulthood may also grace the onset of the disease. The main characteristic of this annoying skin disruptive problem is flaring up and reddened skin that is itchy, flaky, cracked and dry. It is a hereditary syndrome that eventually becomes a chronic disorder in the long run. The inflammation of the skin is sometimes so grave that it oozes out liquids and even results in the formation of blisters that are utterly painful. For a profound knowledge regarding this atopic disease one must know about the important triggers that catalyzes and aggravates the symptoms. This will help one to keep the symptoms of an atopic eczema under control.

A skin doctor at the Eczema Treatment Singapore website has discovered myriad eczema symptoms that get triggered under a few circumstances. Here are the most important eczema irritants and triggers:

• Contact with Soaps and detergents:

Soaps and detergents strip off the natural oil from the skin. This worsens the eczema and results in the sudden flare up. It’s always a good idea to minimize the skin’s exposure to these synthetic products.

• Perfumes and toiletries:

The alcohol present in the toiletries and perfumes is a popular eczema irritant. They shoot the symptoms and causes excessive skin irritation. Bland products and 100 % organic products are sometimes eczema friendly.

• Hard water is a totally bad natural ingredient that helps the symptoms to worsen. The mineral salts like Magnesium and calcium ions present in the hard water is seen to aggravate the skin condition in an eczema patient. It is perhaps the high concentration of these mineral ions that make the water to react with the skin eruptions causing the skin disease to worsen. Studies have well proven that installing a water softener in the house is a relief to the eczema patients.

• A few known foods are proven to irritate the eczema prone skin. Foods like milk, eggs, nuts, soya and wheat should be avoided.

Avoid eggs, milk nuts to worsen eczema
Avoid eggs, milk nuts to worsen eczema


• Mental stress triggers the symptoms of eczema. Scientific research has proven this fact that a significant amount of mental stress causes the eczema to flare up.

• Winter season is the worst enemy of an eczema patient. Summer conditions make the symptoms milder than the winter.

• Allergens like pet fur, pollen and house dust and mites catalyzes the eczema in a patient.


• Exposing the eczema prone skin to extremes of temperatures and humidity causes the symptoms to worsen up.

• Clothing and fabric also a very role in increasing the problems of eczema. The smooth fabric is believed not to irritate the skin. Fabrics like wool subsequently makes the eczema worse in a patient. Cotton is the best fabric to choose.

• Constant itching tendencies results the skin to flare up suddenly. Avoid scratching the skin as much as possible.

• Hormonal changes before menstruation in a woman during pregnancy and also worsens the eczema symptoms. Hormonal changes after menopause also trigger eczema in a patient.
Skin treatments by expert skin doctor will help one to calm down their eczema flare-ups. The various topical ointments also work wonders in minimizing the symptoms of eczema. Avoiding the known triggers, allergens and irritants will help one to lead a good life in spite of having the atopic eczema.

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